True meaning of Yoga

Today we will discuss true meaning of Yoga. Yoga means Focus on mind & body, gives us fitness.

We all are unique creation of god, with different DNA structure and these structures can be made fit by exercise.

“Why we are not happy like small children? smiling & dizzling like them, we all are sad that makes us a dead body who are just taking in oxygen.

This Rainy season which is fruitful for the whole universe, is a good provider of oxygen & we can gain it with exercise and Yoga.

Yoga is a sign of oneness, further Yoga is divided into 4 parts :

  1. Dhyan – i.e. making your mind stable which helps us to gain new thoughts
  2. Pranayam – Which helps us the gain oxygen.
  3. Aasan – Exercise in sitting position.
  4. Vyayam – Exercise in standing position.

By all of the above we can achieve a healthy state of minds that automatically helps us to have a fit body.

Lastly the session conclude with Vyayam where students and teachers participate with full energy and positive vibes, the session ended on high note with smile on all faces as everybody was relaxed after the mesmerizing yoga session.

“A feeble body weakens the mind & healthy body makes it strong”

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