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This morning we watched the Ramayana episode. If you have not been able to watch it for some reason, then in very brief words, I keep in brief the 3 important scenes related to this serial from today’s life:

First view- Religion and Temptation:

We saw that the messenger was sent by Ravana to meet Sugriva. Various temptations were given to Sugriva by the messenger. In the messege, Ravana talked about the temptation of various material pleasures. This time there was a very good answer by Sugriva. Sugriva said should I forget the promise given to my brother Bali at the time of death. Apart from this, Sugriva gave more importance to religion than material happiness. Thus Sugriva rejected the temptation of Ravana. In today’s environment, we get to learn from this that we too should not get into external dazzle and temptation because spiritual happiness is the greatest happiness. Spiritual happiness is attained only by walking on the path of religion.

Second view – advice and thinking:

Ram and the entire vanar sena reached south near the beach, seeing the vast ocean in front, Ram Lakshman and the entire vanar sena fall into dilemma. At such a time, Vibhishan advises Rama and Lakshmana to ask for a way from the sea. Laxman likes this advice but Lakshman speaks about being a Suryavanshi, saying that it is the job of cowards to ask. On this, Rama expresses his disagreement and asks him to pray to Samudra Dev. This teaches us that any task should be done with humility. Work done in a spirit of charge and authority is not right. Ram and the entire Vanar Sena plead with Samudra Dev for 3 days politely.

Third view – Maryada, Panchatattva and God:

Rama prays to the Samudra Dev while remaining unharmed for three days. Rama gets angry when Samudra Dev does not give the way. Ram gets angry and manages Brahmastra. Fearful, the sea god appears and apologizes. The compassionate Lord Rama forgives the Samudra Dev because the Samudra Dev explains the limitations of Panchatatva and the Samudra Dev explains the basic nature of water. Rama immediately understands the dignity of water as the Panchatatva. Further, the water god architect Rama is aware of Nal’s abilities. This place later became famous as Rameshwar Dham. From this scene, we learn that even after insisting on humility, anger becomes necessary even if no one understands it. But anger must also be controlled. Rama has complete control over his anger. Apart from this, it is also known that an apology should be sought immediately upon realizing its mistake.

Dr. Sanjay Biyani

Motivational Speaker, Counselor & Educationist

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