Chapter six : Dhyan Yog | Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta Sanjay Ki Nazar Se

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This chapter is especially important for students who find it difficult to concentrate on studies. Also explained in this chapter are Who is a Yogi? How does a Yogi think? What is Yog kriya ?

In this chapter, Shree Krishna continues the comparative evaluation of karm yog (practicing spirituality while continuing the worldly duties) and karm sanyās (practicing spirituality in the renounced order) from chapter five and recommends the former.

 When we perform work in devotion, it purifies the mind and deepens our spiritual realization. Then when the mind becomes serene meditation becomes the primary means of elevation. Through meditation, yogis strive to conquer their mind, for while the untrained mind is the worst enemy, the trained mind is the best friend. Shree Krishna cautions Arjun that one cannot attain success on the spiritual path by engaging in severe austerities, and hence one must be temperate in eating, work, recreation, and sleep. He then explains the  meditation for uniting the mind with God. The mind is indeed difficult to restrain, but by practice and detachment, it can be controlled. So, wherever it wanders, one should bring it back and continually focus it upon God. When the mind gets purified, it becomes established in transcendence. In that joyous state of meditation, one experiences boundless divine bliss.

Arjun then questions Shree Krishna about the fate of the aspirant who begins on the path, but is unable to reach the goal due to an unsteady mind. Shree Krishna reassures him that one who strives for God-realization is never overcome by evil. God always keeps account of our spiritual merits accumulated in previous lives and reawakens that wisdom in future births, so that we may continue the journey from where we had left off. With the accrued merits of many past lives, yogis are able to reach God in their present life itself. The chapter concludes with a declaration that the yogi  Those who perform prescribed duties without desiring the results of their actions are actual  YOGIS , not those who have merely ceased performing sacrifices such as AGNI YAGYA or abandoned bodily activities.

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