How to become a “Wise Person”

“Try to become a man of values, rather become a man with success, being successful isn’t always the most difficult thing in the world, it’s your hard work, dedication & luck but adding values to something is a lot harder one should try to be intelligent (budhiman), medhawan and this can be achieve by seeing yourself in mirror, admire yourself, admire your smiling face & this smile is the mechanisms to solve all you problems.

We always complain about partiality,  people practice this because we don’t even pass a smile.

To be successful to be a leader you should smile at least 5 times a day.

Our aim in life it to be a receptor, we should learn from our good & bad experience & this was once told by “yudistar”

Yaksh asked yudistar to answer question then only he provide water “the essential of life”.

His question was : name the greatest wonder of the whole world ?

and the answer of yughistar was

“The greatest wonder is that people don’t learn from their own experience”, they repeat their mistake again and again.

Students don’t learn from the mistake they commit in exams, people don’t learn from their past  experience . Human being is the greatest creature of god who has a logical mind to apply and learn from any things & everything  around us.

In today’s world we focus on materialistic aspects of life rather then moral values.

We want to work under a canopy were our lust and greed for things is satisfied but we should try not to become the man of success but a man of values.

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