Chapter 10 : Vibhooti Yog| Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta Sanjay Ki Nazar Se

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Arjuna is not just a mighty warrior but also a complete devotee of Shri Krishna, he shows all inquisitiveness laced with paramount humility while hearkening to Shri Krishna’s discourses. His keen interest in the learning’s has resulted in augmentation of satisfaction in Arjuna who was sailing in troubled waters at the beginning. In the voyage of the preceding chapter of Bhagwad Geeta, we learned in detail about “Shraddha”. Shri Krishna says that when an appalling person also starts worshiping the Lord, he achieves supreme bliss or “Moksha”. Such thoughts were also shared in the Bible and also in the holy Quran. These led to the spread of Islam across the globe. However, these thoughts were also shared around five thousand years also in the Bhagwad Geeta which was propounded by Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna begins by repeating what he has already spoken at the beginning in the previous few chapters. To the complete bewilderment of Arjuna, Shri Krishna tells him that he who is the superlative is one who is unborn and eternal and he is also the supreme peer of the realm of the world. Though He has no birth, all existence derives from Him.  Krishna who is now in the role of a teacher and preacher announces that He is in truth the Eternal God Himself, more ancient than anything else that ever existed and that all manifested glory is from nowhere else but him.

This chapter called the “Vibhooti Yog”, discusses the following affirmations:

  1. Origin of God
  2. How to rid yourself of all sins?
  3. What is the correct way of Self-expression?
  4. How do achieve Divine Glory or “Vibhooti” and ultimate spiritual powers?
  5. Details of “Vibhooti” and Spiritual / Eminent Powers.

Shri Krishna explains that I am not easily comprehended. Even the age-old sages are not able to understand me completely. Those who accept me as a source of energy are able to appreciate me.

Emotions are first superseding actions, the vibrations come first and then the action follows, even quantum physics has proven this theory. The Knowledge that lies within us gives rise to energy which is the basis of all emotions.

A man has to discover his spiritual unity with God and so with all his creatures. God discusses again and again “Bhoot” which is the “Jeevatama”, all emotions arise due to God. Arjuna realizes that God is infinite and His manifestation is infinite. He manifests Himself in the universe through innumerable forms. Arjuna wants to know about all “Vibhooti” and the actual manifestations of the supreme.

Shri Krishna tells him that the Atma in every being is nothing but the supreme God. I am Brahma, the creator, I am Vishnu who takes care and also Mahesh, the destroyer.

We get to know the “Parakram Yog” or “Vibhooti” which is the way towards excellence. So Arjun who is on the path of excellence should know the superlative form of Krishna.

 Shri Krishna tells him that among the Vedas I am the Sama Veda; among the senses, I am the mind and I am the intelligence among living beings. I am the king of gods, Indra, who rules over others, controlling, directing and organizing the lives.And, among the priests, you should know me as the chief, who is Brihaspati; Among the mountains, I am the Sumeru . Among the rakshas you should know me as “Kuber”. Among the supreme archers, I am “Ram”. Amongst the lakes, I am the “Sagar”. Among the trees, I am the Peepal tree. I am the king amongst the beings. Among the seasons I am the “Basant Ritu”. Among the sages know me as the supreme  “Ved Vyaas”. All these excellence are nothing but my part only. All these examples very clearly illustrate the supreme soul or Lord is present in all things valued. He tells him that all things mighty and glorified are just a mere expression of his splendor which is infinitely sublime.

Arjuna is totally cleansed and purified after listening to the aforesaid discourse; this is the main crux of the complete chapter. The consciousness within the human beings now begins to perceive the consciousness outside without any endeavor or obstacle. By this way, Sri Krishna teaches that one can always live in God-Consciousness and finally move towards Ultimate bliss.

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