Chapter 11 : Vishwaroopa Darshana Yog| Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta Sanjay Ki Nazar Se

Everyone is again heartily welcome at the onset of this brand new chapter of Bhagwad Geeta.

We understand that in the earlier chapter Shri Krishna explained that he is omnipresent which means that his presence exists in all things and beings are his different manifestations. This indicates that the self is the bedrock for the world of multiplicities. In this Chapter called the, he explicitly provides Arjuna with a practical demonstration to show that everything exists in the Self.

A being doesn’t get tired of the principles explained in this chapter but to get the true grasp of this chapter we need to understand the earlier chapters. Earlier chapters were all about “Smriti” but this chapter moves ahead to “Drishti” that is getting visuals only then we can steadfastly move towards “Simran” which is the remembrance of the Supreme Lord. We start feeling and understanding. In this chapter we get a practical application, this chapter helps us revisit faith and understanding.

A word that radiates positivity, removes negativity, which creates “Oorja” and that word is most definitely” Narayan”. This word removes all negativity from our lives.

What is the reason for “Sadness”? Why do we suffer from “Grief”? The explicit answer to this question is to increase your knowledge, as knowledge expands negativity goes away and Arjun also agrees to all this. Arjuna after hearing the words of Krishna becomes desirous of seeing with his own eyes the form that sustains the world system. Hence, extolling Shri Krishna and his teachings, Arjuna is granted a direct vision “Divya Drishti” of Shri Krishna’s Cosmic body. Arjuna is referred to as“Bharatvanshi”

“Bha” means Knowledge, Knowledge knowing oneself. Arjuna is made to realize his multitudinous and magnanimous personality. Arjuna hears words of great profundity which to a great extent have removed his disillusion. However now, Arjuna tells the Lord that he desires to witness the Divine or Cosmic Form of His.

A vision of intellect is required to witness the fearsome and humongous form of Krishna. Arjuna watches dumbfounded with folded hands in front of Krishna.

Simultaneously another phenomenon is happening. Sanjaya tells Dhritarashtra about the strong emotions and modesty passing through Arjuna on seeing the Cosmic Form of Shri Krishna.

The radiance shining everywhere like blazing sun and fire does not mean wonderful amount of light in its physical sense but it indicates the beauty and splendor of Pure Soul. Shri Krishna puts focus on reciting “OM” and it helps us concentrate on God. Consciousness is the light through which we see our own thoughts and emotions. It is the light which illumines for us various objects, sound etc. Hence Sri Krishna who Himself is Infinite Awareness is described as resplendent light which is totally immeasurable. Although the Universal Form is depicted here in an objective manner it is only a biased experience and is not an object of even intelligence. Arjun becomes “Sthir Pragya” now witnessing the “Chatur Bhuj” Swaroop.

Just as the rivers flow into the ocean, so do the moths fly into the fire, so too all beings and forms must, that too willingly, rush towards the one who is unmanifested. A person who realizes this, he can live without fear of death with the full understanding that life which is nothing but a process of continuous change of departing and becoming one with the almighty.

The principle of destruction is never ending. Shri Krishna says whatever be the strength of the negative forces from people like “Jayadrath” and the likes have already been destroyed by the all powerful `Time’ which is nothing but an entity of Shri Krishna who is Parmeshwar and Arjuna has only to act as an instrument in their destruction and claim victory to himself. In fact, during all actions in our lives, we are merely the instruments in the hands of Shri Krishna. A person who understands the meaning of the cosmic existence of the supreme God rises above the fear of life and death. After witnessing the “Chaturbhuj” form of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna gives the conclusion of this chapter.

The person who truly begins to understand his duty and transgresses to becoming “Dharma may”, they do not focus on materialistic things which are called “Arth”. He realizes that he is a mere instrument in the hands of the Supreme Lord. He becomes pure; their desires fall and finally get absorbed in the Supreme Lord. He realizes that he is a mere instrument in the hands of the Supreme Lord.