Chapter 17 : Shraddha Traya Vibhhaaga Yog| Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta Sanjay Ki Nazar Se

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In the previous Chapter, it was stated by Shri Krishna to Arjuna that he who rejects the scriptural teachings and injunctions, He who goes on to act according to the push of needs will not be able to obtain the highest form of knowledge. Arjuna had a doubt about the fate of those who worship with faith but who do not know the scriptures or maybe are indifferent to their rules. For an average man, it is difficult to be exceptionally proficient in the knowledge of scriptures to guide his living although he might possess adequate faith or “Shradha” to lead a nobler way of life as explained in the scriptures.

In this chapter, Shri Krishna has explained how to expand the knowledge of the “Devil” Sampada or the Divine realm. This chapter aptly called “Shraddhaa Traya Vibhhaaga Yog” which talks about the following things:

  1. What is true faith and how is it related to the Holy Scriptures.?
  2. How is faith related to Food which is “Ahara”?
  3. How can we relate “Tap”(Self-Sacrifice) “Yagya” (Dedicated activities) and “Daan”(Charity)?
  4. What is the meaning of Om Tat Sat?

Shri Krishna says to Arjun that there are people who worship Gods they are Sattvik people then there are people who worship other demi-Gods (Asura)these people are with  Rajsik faith then there are people who worship the Devil or Demons such people are Tamsik in nature of their faith. This faith is inherent in the nature of the being and according to their faith, they suffer the consequences of their action.

The next topic we are going to discuss is the relation of food with our faith. Is the food we consume in any way related to our faith. The temperamental influences which govern the mind thought and actions of a man are enumerated in the next part of this discourse.

Sattvic persons like the food which increases vitality supply energy enhance strength to resist temptations from the sense objects provides health enhances joy and inward internal cheerfulness. This food also increases age, health, vigor and also love in a person.

Rajasic men like food that is strongly pungent and bitter in flavor. It is sour extremely hot and is strong in flavor, this is because such Rajasik people try to fulfill their uncontrolled passion for acquiring things in life. This will bring about conflicts in their lives. Although this kind of food produces a good amount of energy ultimately it leads to a life full of pain, grief, and disease. Shri Krishna says that we should consume our food according to the profession we are into and not just to satiate our hunger person serving in the armed forces might require such kind of food as it is high in energy.

People with Tamsik tendency have a liking for food which is half cooked or which is stale, tasteless, rancid, and rotten and is impure. This kind of food is appreciated by Tamsik people. Shri Krishna says that he kind of diet and food that we consume has its influence on a human being’s power of self-control. Faith is an expression of mind and feelings. Our whole body is bound by emotions.

The next explanation which Shri Krishna offers to Arjuna is the three kinds of sacrifices and penance a person might do. Just like the previous, this may also be divided into three categories.

In order to get some chosen result, some people perform actions, while some others do so merely for show and to satisfy their vanity. These acts do not constitute Divine act nor can they bring about inward cheer or peace. Such sacrifices are termed ” Rajasik”.

Those actions in which provisions and food are not distributed i.e. where no sharing of affluence with others takes place, where rituals are conducted without Mantras and without or distribution of reward are all referred to as Tamasik in nature.

Shri Krishna now talks about the types of Daan or Charity, these can also be divided into three categories. A charity did with no expectation in return or where the receiver does nothing in return and the giver of the alms just considers himself to be a mere instrument in the hands of the supreme God is considered to be a Sattvik Charity of “Daan”.Here the charity stems from the heart with feelings of love towards God.

A charity which is conducted with possible reluctance with an expectation of some result in return in said to be Rajjsik in nature.

Gifts of charity which are done at the wrong place and time to an unworthy person with disdain filled evil in the mind and with no respect are said to be of Tamasic type.

While performing “Yagya” “Tap” and “Daan” there should be a complete recitation of “Om Tat Sat”.You can achieve excellence by chanting Om Tat Sat, which means absolute God. Om is devoting all to God, Tat is God himself and Sat is performing all duties with absolute truthfulness. Invoking of the chaste hymn of “Om Tat Sat” removes all flaws while performing sacrifices, doing charity. This will lead to liberation which or removal of bondage for mankind.

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