WELCOME TO DR. SANJAY BIYANI'S GALLERY (Best Moments and Seminar Photos)

Director Of Biyani Groups of College, jaipur.

Has been actively involved in promoting the institution through core & innovative ideas for the establishment of novel projects in the institution. In this view, patronized a number of seminars at the state, National & International level in the fields of Commerce, Management, and Information Technology & Biotechnology. Has also exhibited his expertise in the field of Commerce & Management by presenting papers in the commerce & management seminars and education.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: Since 2006 on topics like “Research-Based Education for Hi-Biotech Innovation”, “Biotechnology Education”, “Nanotechnology & Healthcare in Developing World”, “Emerging Trends on Biotechnology & Management”, “Innovative Molecular Approaches in Global Health Research”, “Drug Development: A Collaborative Approach of Chemist and Biologist”, “Agro-biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Environment”.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Since 2008 on topics like Emerging Fields in Information Technology, “Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology”, Gen Next: The Green Engineering & Digital Era”, “Techno Global Issues : Expansion, Impacts and Challenges, “Amplification of Futuristic Technology by an integrated approach of Computing, Engineering and System Science”

COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT: Since 2008 on topics like “Emerging Marketing Strategies in the Business World, Accounting Standards & Corporate Accounting Practices, “Management in Global Perspective”, “New Horizons of Entrepreneurial Development”, “Emerging Challenges of Sustainable Business”, “Contemporary Issues in Management of Business”

EDUCATION: Since 2009 on topics like Personality Development & Value Based Education, Emerging Trends in Education, Management of Mind, Soul & Body through Education, Management of Building Competency-based Teacher Education in Global Perspective Education