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If you write a list of problems prevailing in our society you will find there are more evil than good things, more negativity, more negative quantum than positivity. But how can we solve this problem?
This can be done by your goodness, by spreading positive vibration around you. Like, 101 children of Dhritrasthra there are 101 evils in the society but there are still 5 Pandavas or 5 good things along with that in this world that can overpower the evil and do good to the society.

These 5 qualities can overcome all evil in the world. What are these 5 qualities of 5 Pandavas? Let me tell you :
1. Yudhisthira means being selfless and righteous (निष्काम)
2. Bhima means courageous (साहस)
3. Arjuna means knowledgeable (विचारशील)
4. Nakula means positivity
5. Shahdeva means to do work transparently.

So, in life if there are lot of problems we can still solve or tackle all these problems by imbibing these 5 qualities in ourselves with our wisdom. Along with these 5 qualities we need a helping hand of God. We need to surrender to His will. Surrendering means you should completely kill your ego. Sometimes our intelligence stops us from surrendering.

Prayer gives you the strength to surrender. So pray, pray whether for a reason or without reason. Have faith in God. To develop these five qualities and power we should pray a lot everyday. We can develop the following five qualities –
1. Quality of action without expectation
2. Quality of courage
3. Quality of thoughtfulness
4. Quality of action without any desire
5. Quality of effortlessness

Along with these five qualities if we get power from God through prayer we can settle all the problems of life.
Be a child and try to grow every moment. During exams try to invest 15-20 minutes everyday in focusing and concentrating. Mind is very powerful and acts as a converter. It converts information to action through our brain.
If ignorance is in the brain then it will bring negativity. If knowledge is in the brain then it will bring positivity. So give a good vibration to the upper part of the brain where there is memory, and feel the power of knowledge. Think we are empowering our brain through blue colour energy and chant the mantra ‘OM’ in the right manner.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 4th Feb. 2016.)

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