आज का विचार-‘‘रिश्तों की मर्यादा’’

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आज का विचार है कि, सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर आज का युवा प्यार का इजहार करते हुए बडे, अजीबों, गरीब हरकतें करते देखे जाते हैं…….क्या यह ठीक हैघ् देखिए एक जानवर अपने आपको, जानवर समझता है शरीर समझता इसलिए जो इच्छा हो वो करता है, परन्तु आप इंसान हैं, आपकी भावनाएँ हैं, इमोशंस है, रिश्तों की मर्यादा रखिए नही तो फिर कुछ समय बाद पछताना पड सकता है।

‘‘सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर प्रेम का इजहार करने से बचें।’’

Sanctity of relationships

These days, youngsters can be seen indulging in, popularly called, ‘PDA’ (public display of affection). Is it acceptable to show physical intimacy to a partner at a public place? An animal does what it feels like because it considers itself just a body. But a person has feelings, emotions and dignity. If we don’t uphold the sanctity of our relationships in public, we may have to regret later on.

Avoid physical display of your love for
your partner at a public place.


Prof. Sanjay Biyani

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Value of Knowledge

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Knowledge should be given to deserving candidates. If you are not accepting the knowledge & don’t value them then it is useless to give knowledge to you.
You should be able to accept the knowledge & should value the knowledge. We can create our nature & attitude by accepting teachings of great teachers have regard for the knowledge.
I salute my teachers & his/her teaching by this thought we create a positive aura & we can bring wisdom out of our mind. We can really educate ourselves & get rid of ignorance (darkness) & welcome (light) knowledge.
Bow down your head to Guru’s, sadhu’s who have wisdom & want to share their valuable experiences with you.
If only 100 of us get this wisdom we can change this world.
If you are in mood to learn you grow otherwise you are not young, you are an old person.
You don’t become old by age but by your attitude.
If you are learning every moment, enjoying every work, you are growing always like a child.
Let there be a new ‘You’, A better person come out of you.
“I can be a changed person next moment. I can grow till my last breath.”
You should create neuropathway and neuropathing will create your desired world.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
( Morning Assembly 11-Dec-2015)

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