Power of Heart

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What is the importance of Power of heart in Career?
I have realized personally that heart of a person is 10 times more powerful than the mind. From heart all types of emotions, feelings are generated and we are born on this earth. If I evaluate the importance of brain to be 100% then heart’s evaluation will be 1000 crore. Therefore, it (heart) is the most precious assert with the human being.
Unfortunately humans use only 2% of the brain and 2% of the heart. As heart is the most powerful & precious assert and so if we learn to utilize it well, it can be helpful in achieving our passion, desire and our career.
How can we utilize the power of heart when someone wants to become a doctor and for that have to memorize many things, where mind plays a vital role?
Our heart is the selfless part of our thought, which loves to serve and loves to give. This makes good feelings and generates joyful feelings and when one is happy and relaxed can learn and perform in a better way. During studies if one is not happy or even guilty for something, we can’t focus on studies fully.
If one wants to concentration well in studies for mat one has to be satisfied & happy from inside. And satisfaction never comes by harming or hurting others. If one helps others and apologizes for their faults then they become satisfied and happy and hence can have complete concentration.
How to realize the difference between what they think from mind and what actually they want to do wholeheartedly?
Brain will always present logic and I have always emphasized on the fact that those can win who believe that they can win. This feel of believe that one can definitely win is very important it means to convert this feel with one’s emotion, feeling and conscious. Those can never win who only think that they can win but those can win who have felt that they will definitely win. Those who have emotion can be changed but those who don’t have emotions can never be changed and trained. For girls it is said that they are very emotional and consider them as weak but what I feel is that it is not their weakness but their strength because with emotions anybody can be changed. At home mother can easily persuade children because she speaks with emotion whereas father always sticks to logic hence children are more attach to mother than father. Because heart is very powerful and hence guides us better.
From past few years girls have been exceeding boys in board exams. Is it could be the reason that because of their emotional strength they are able to do it?
We have see in schools and colleges that girls first of all accept their teachers and that is why always remains dedicated, disciplined and exhibit effective learning. Boys also have such power but it is genetically that the girls are emotionally expressive and stronger than boys.
Women are considered as epitome of power in this society because they have the power of emotions and feelings.
How to realize and enhance the power of heart?
It’s quite easy, for it we have to understand that we all humans on this earth do commit mistakes and hence one should be humble enough to apologize for our mistakes and hence our heart will become healthy. Also, if we present gratitude for every single favors from others then also our heart will grow strong and power of heart is enhanced.

Author:Dr. Sanjay Biyani

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