How to overcome Fear

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How to end fear?
Actually courage is life and fear is death. As a counselor I have deduced that everything bears a perfect answer. And if we have that perfect answer we will definitely follow the right direction. Youth of today is suffering from the problem of fear, with fear they are appearing for examinations or interviews, or performing on stage. With this approach their performance and intellect is badly affected.
The fundamental reason for fear is the lack of faith. There is a deep relationship between faith and fear. If our faith starts increasing then our fear starts decreasing. Some people don’t trust others like students don’t trust their teachers, employees don’t trust their employer etc. some people grow with such habit and hence their personality becomes introvert. If we want to live with power, courage and energy then we have to overcome fear.
What is fear? From where it starts and why it is called fear?
Fear is not any external entity. It is what we have inside. As such we have all power inside us so is this fear inside us. I sometimes relate this concept with the great scientist, father of physics, Albert Einstein. He stated that
Where, E stands for energy, m stands for mass and c stands for velocity.
Our body is not important, but the frequency and velocity which moves with our body in the form of feeling. If this feeling is of fear, it reduces the performance level of the body and if this velocity is full of courage then our body will always be active and we can perform efficiently. Therefore, if we want to live our life with courage and enthusiasm, we have to find solution for the problem of fear. The biggest destruction and distraction factor in youth is the element of fear and to overcome it they have to accept faith in their life.
How to enhance faith and trust for others?
We have explored all difficult things but didn’t understand how to enhance our personality. Faith can be easily enhanced. There is a complete balance in all facets of nature. Everyday new flowers grow, birds fly and many more. All this is not due to man but almighty. Human knowing that the god is a perfect and unique creator but still lacks faith on god. Hence never felt grateful to his creation. Such nature generates neutral power because we don’t give anything and hence can’t expect to receive something. For expecting something to come first we have to give faith and gratefulness for what we got.
Isn’t it important that first time we keep faith on our self and then on others?
It’s quite right but it is not an easy task. For growing a crop first we have to sow seeds. Similarly, first we have to give faith and then will receive the same. In the beginning a children should learn to trust their parents and believe their knowledge and experience. Also they should have faith on god.
Most importantly the human should have faith on law of karma, on the cause and effect relationship and on the consistency of the work.
I disagree with the Newton’s law which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I believe that every action will give more than equal & opposite reaction chain. From any reaction we get multiple reactions that is why whatever we do comes back to us from the universe. If we really want to enhance our confidence, we have to study slowly and gradually grow this habit of keeping faith. The great industrialist DhiruBhai Ambani, Narayan Murti & Bill Gates have their own kind of firm faith because they trusted people around then and that’s why they were successful. If we will also grow faith element in us and everyday when we wake up we thank and link god, our parents and our karma with the beliefs, we will receive it from everywhere in the form of confidence.

Dr. Sanjay Biyani(Dir.Acad)

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