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If we forget greed and give up the idea of making money, then we can use our passion and devotion in work and use our greed in doing work with a learning attitude i.e. I have to learn more and more. This way we can get lot of happiness. Money will also follow. May be for sometime people can exploit you but it won’t do much difference. We can learn from nature, from moving clouds and from flying birds.
People who want to do good work will surely create their position one day and prove their capability.
Greed can be used to better our work and not to accumulate materialistic things. We can do work to make people happy, to satisfy people as well as to make them happy.
If we aim only to earn money and are interested only in salary package, then we become and remain an ordinary employee. Our life will remain ordinary.
A good employer or a good businessman will always try to satisfy and keep his employee or his customer happy.
Such businessmen not only do good business, they also do better marketing. Otherwise, very often customers will lose their trust and faith and will break a long time relationship.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 18th Feb. 2016.)

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