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enemies and friends

Every human being has enemies inside who stop him from moving forward. They are laziness (आलस्य) and negligence (लापरवाही). They are like our close blood relations whom we can not leave because we are tied together by birth.
Laziness always pushes you back and negligence will make your careless. If we can free ourselves from these two close enemies then we can start growing and move forward. We are all in the clutches of negligence and laziness.
How many of us get up early in the morning and shirk off all laziness and welcome the morning? Who can say “what a beautiful loving day!”?
Unless we have a strong determination we can not get rid of these two blood relations. Try to realize your own mistake instead of criticizing others. We have to fix up our goal and strive for that.
We learn more by interaction with people, with nature and not through books. If you start living with awareness you can get rid of laziness and negligence.
Secondly you have to visualize the goal and use your power of imagination to achieve the goal. If you want to get up in the morning, imagine that you did get up in the morning and did Yoga, Pranayam and Exercise and started the day with a good thought.
Mostly we fix up our goal. But to achieve that goal what efforts should we make, that we don’t visualize. Actually, we should feel that action. As for example, we think of being a good actor, like a hero, but what efforts should we make to become a hero that neither we imagine nor we practice.
We can guide ourselves by increasing our inner strength and imaginative power. We don’t need any ‘Guru’ to show us the right path. I don’t think our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi got enough opportunities or Dr. Abdul Kalam got lot of facilities, but I do believe that their beautiful imaginative power became their Guru (गुरु) or the guiding light.
Don’t go on listening to big things. Try to put a small thought in your mind and make efforts according to that. Life then changes. Life is meant to give. Life should have some commitment. You have to live a worthy life. If you only eat, drink and make merry and pass days then it’s a meaningless life.
We live for petty things and have a lot of ego in us. This ego is our biggest enemy (महिषासुर) which stops us from bowing down our head and surrendering to God.
That’s why we should pray, fold our hands so that we get power to kill these enemies like laziness, negligence, inflated ego etc.
By meditation we can get this power and inner strength and awareness and go on striving for perfection. We should not lose hope and should go on trying (प्रयास). That’s why Chandragupta and Ashoka became achievers. They never lost their (हिम्मत) courage “जिन्होने हार को हराया है”।
Feel the you are courageous. You can also do something. You can be different from the crowd. You can wake up and make this world a better place to live in.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 11th Feb. 2016.)

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