Karma Yog Chapter Three | Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta Sanjay Ki Nazar Se

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In this chapter of Bhagwad Gita ,Shree Krishna explains that all the mortal beings are obliged to work by their inherent modes of nature,this implies that the beings are intrinsically guided as to how they shall behave and act in their bodily abode, Lord Krishna further states that nobody can remain without action for even an instant. The category of people who externally exhibit renunciation by wearing and donning the “Bhagawa Vastra” ie the ochre Robes but are internally dwelling upon the worldly pleasures and sense objects are hypocrites are far removed from the supreme soul .

Greater to them are those who practice “Karm yog“, and continue to engage in action externally, but give up attachment from within. Shree Krishna then propounds that all living beings have responsibilities to fulfil as integral parts of the scheme of God’s formation. When we execute our arranged duties as an obligation to God, such work becomes “Yagya” (sacrifice). The performance of of “Yagya”is naturally pleasing to the heavenly gods, and they bestow us with material prosperity. Those who do not accept their responsibility in this cycle are sinful; they live only for the pleasure of their senses, and their lives are in vain.

Shree Krishna then explains  that unlike the rest of humankind, the enlightened souls who are situated in the self are not obliged to fulfill bodily responsibilities, for they are executing higher responsibilities at the level of the soul. However, if they abandon their social duties, it creates conflict in the minds of common people, who tend to follow in the footsteps of the great ones. So, to set a good example for the world to imitate, the wise should continue working, although without any motive for personal reward. This will prevent the ignorant from prematurely giving up their prescribed duties. Arjun then asks why people commit sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if by force.

 The Supreme Lord explains that the all-devouring wicked enemy of the world is lust alone. As we know that fire is covered by smoke, and a mirror may be masked by dust, in the same way desire covers up one’s knowledge and pulls away the intellect. Shree Krishna then gives the call to Arjun to slay this enemy called desire, which is the embodiment of sin, and bring his senses, mind, and intellect under control.

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