Your words reflect your personality

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Life is a struggle but how many of us welcome trouble ? We want comfortable life. How many of you can study up to 01:00 A.M. In this winter when your comfortable bed is waiting for you but more we can face struggle at present, life will give less trouble afterwards (in future). Today’s struggle can bring comfortable future.

Life is not measured by years but by its quality. Those who are speaking about others most of the time they are reflecting their own thoughts, own character. Actually one’s personality can be determined by their speech and words. World will be of the colour which you are using in your looking glass. Your

words determine your nature. Moreover, it seems many of us try to use the freedom and not follow traffic rules. Like not using Helmet, driving with very high speed. We are taking care of our hair, but not of our valuable head.

How tragic it will be if you meet with an accident and make your parents unhappy & shocked. Take pride in your discipline and prove yourself a responsible citizen of India. We are really very lucky to be born in India.

How many of you can welcome your morning by saying “Thank you for a lovely day” ? You are living today, so live in gratitude today. Make it a point to give thanks to your mummy when you go back home.

Channelize your whole body by chanting “OM” in correct way.

Clap properly as clapping can energies your whole body and you can say and you can say ” Today is going to be a great day”

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 16 Dec, 2015)

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