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We now have the knowledge about the seven chakras. Finally we will get the knowledge of the last chakra, the seventh chakra which is called crown/sahasrara chakra. It is at the top of our head. Its colour is violet and element is thought/will.
It energizes the upper brain and its gland is pineal. This chakra regulates central nervous system. Its quality is oneness . It creates a sense of belongingness. I belong to you and you all belong to me. We are an integral part of the universe. If we can activate this chakra we can get completeness and be free from all attachments.

We can do work with a feeling of detachment yet have a sense of complete devotion and duty. It leads to God’s realisation.

Let us again recollect from the beginning –
1. The first chakra is root chakra and its element is earth and colour is red.
2. 2nd Chakra is Svadisthana Chakra whose element is water and colour is red.
3. 3rd Chakra is Solar plexus/Manipur Chakra whose element is fire and colour is yellow.
4. 4th Chakra is Heart/Anahata chakra whose element is air and colour is green.
5. Above this 5th chakra is Throat/Vishuddha chakra whose element is akasha and colour is sky blue.
6. Yesterday we learnt 6th chakra which is Agna Chakra and its element is light and colour is indigo (dark blue).
7. Finally we will try to focus at the top of our head at crown chakra whose element is thought and colour is violet.

Actually we are all bundle of thoughts. “A man is what he thinks”. “As you think so you will be” Let us now activate our pineal gland, our central nervouos system and concentrate on violet colour.
Focus at the crown part. Take a deep breadth and chant the mantra ‘OM’ and energize each part with a knowledge of correct colour of energy. Feel the vibration through out your body . It seems peace is descending through the spinal cord from head to toe.

Now we can do work with proper inspiration, consciousness and get rid of confusion, depression, negative attitude.

Colour : Violet
Element : Thought /Will
Functions : Vitalizes the upper brain (crebrum)
Glands / Organs : Pineal, cerebreal cortex, central nervous system, right eye
Qualities : oneness with the infinite, spiritual will inspiration, consciousness
Negative Qualities : Lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation, senility.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 3rd Feb. 2016.)

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